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ABOUT BIJU KRUSHAK KALYAN YOJANA: Odisha lives in its Villages and farmers are its backbone. They toil hard to feed the nation. They suffer in silence and when they are affected by ailments and diseases, pay heavy economic, social and emotional price. The most important and major cause of our farmers falling to poverty trap is the financial hazards and deprivation that health related expenses bring to them. Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana is brought in as a tribute to the Farmers and their families to provide them health security. It is an earnest effort to provide them financial support through health and accident insurance as a part of the commitment of the welfare state. Rural Odisha houses 83% of the total population of the state. One of the major insecurities for rural populace and farmers is absence of health cover for such farmers and their family members. Insecurity relating to absence of health cover, heavy expenditure on medical care and hospitalization and recourse to inadequate and incompetent treatment is not only a social and psychological burden borne by these populace but there are significant economic costs resulting from loss of earning and progressive deterioration of health.Thus, with a view to providing health insurance cover to farmers in the Rural Odisha and their families, the Government of Odisha has announced the “Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana”.   Read more..
Beneficiary SMART Card Design
High Power committee Constituted for BKKY
Corrigendum to Tender Notice for supply of Smart Card
BKKY Tender Corrigendum And Addenda-Page.1
BKKY Tender Corrigendum And Addenda-Page.2
Proceedings of the Pre-Bid meeting[on 13.08.2013]
Insurance Company Selected for Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana 2013-14
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